You’ve Got Options

RHF Auburn Ravine exterior view with lush trees and bushes


At Auburn Ravine Terrace we believe events and activities enrich our resident’s lives. We create a fun, uplifting environment where our residents can be social, get involved, and enjoy their favorite hobbies and activities.

Each of our residents is given a copy of our monthly event calendar, and our residents are encouraged to invite friends and family to join them at our special events and activities. Click here to see our event calendar.

Events and activities include:

  • Non-denominational worship services
  • Monthly birthday parties
  • Coffee talk
  • Dominoes
  • Movie events
  • Seasonal and holiday celebrations
  • Book discussions
  • Current events discussions
  • Reading the newspaper
  • Special family events
  • Group outings
  • Virtual reality trips

Social Services

Our social services team seeks to help each resident attain their highest practicable physical, mental, emotional, and psycho-social health. We are aware of the worth and uniqueness of each individual, and we treat each resident with respect.

Our social services team creates an atmosphere of growth for our residents, and we spend a great deal of time working with both residents and their families in difficult transitional periods.

We also foster a supportive environment with the residents. We do this by ensuring each resident has adequate decision-making opportunities, providing tours for potential residents and families, assessing psycho-social health, and guiding each care plan.

Beauty and Barber Shop

At Auburn Ravine Terrace we offer a Beauty and Barbershop. We understand that it can be difficult to travel to get salon services, so we have an on-site salon where we offer hair cuts, manicures, pedicures, and more!

All of our services are by appointment only. Please call to make an appointment.
Amy 530-320-3104
Shemain 530-906-4646